Do you have a special place that you would love to care for?

You don’t need any prior experience to join one of more than 60 enthusiastic groups and volunteer in our reserves, neighbourhood parks and heritage sites. All levels of fitness can be catered for with activities like weeding, tree planting and morning tea to get you moving, chatting and having fun in the great outdoors. Many groups also share their passion through events, websites and walking trails.

ParkCare groups adopt patches in the ACT’s conservation reserves and often help with monitoring birds, plants, rabbits, kangaroos and more. Visit the ParkCare Hub to find opportunities in your local reserve.

Urban Parks an Places Volunteering groups adopt open space from neighbourhood parks and cycleways to the city’s major attractions and lakes. Visit the Urban Parks and Places Volunteering website to find out more.

Use the map to explore opportunities in your neighbourhood or select a region to see the full list of local groups.

Patch Map