A Grazing Revolution: Farmers helping each other to graze better through grazing groups

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Scott Hickman from Canowindra NSW is the  project officer and founder of  “Growing the grazing revolution”  a peer support program for farmers and graziers that are currently, or considering applying, regenerative and holistic grazing practises in their businesses and landscapes.

Established in 2010 the project provides a peer learning environment through the formation of “Grazing Cluster Groups” which are small local area groups of producers that come together in a flexible learning environment to share information and support one another in transitioning to best practice management. Grazing groups involve information and experience sharing which involves on-farm get togethers, mentoring, training days and support from Scottie.” It’s not just life changing, its life saving……”

Here is a great interview with Scott Hickman and Bob Hawke Landcare award winner Charlie Arnott about grazing groups, how they work and why they are important.

ACT NRM would like to support the establishment of similar grazing support groups in the ACT and surrounding region if there is interest from the community.

To find out more about “Growing the Grazing Revolution” visit the Mid Lachlan Landcare website Growing the Grazing Revolution and if you are interested in finding out more about a local group please get in touch with ACT NRM. [email protected]  ph 02 6207 3390

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